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Tour Diary USA – take off

Well its almost time for take off and the excitement brewing inside me is waiting to burst like the 4 bottles of Windhoek and tafel lager I have snucked away in my bags. These bottles though have a purpose.

They have to make it to San diego to the hands of Alan Sanderson. If you haven’t heard of him check out his website and take a look at his resume. He has produced artists of the likes of the Rolling Stones, BB king & Elton John to name a few. And he’s a fan of Namibian culture. Hence the beers are coming along for the journey and will travel half way across the world to quench his nam thirst.

My first stop is Newyork city where I will be performing the 13th & 14th of June.

Nick will be joining me on the 15th and from there we head to Arizona to perform the Alpine blues festival.

Just the 2 of us performing as the Crimson House duo. After that we go meet Alan Sanderson in San Diego before touring the california strip northwards and beyond!

Cheers Namibia, Cheers South Africa, our mission is to make you both proud and bring back whatever knowledge we can find to share it with our fellow artists.

Now its time for that 33 hour flight!20140606_131830

Much love

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  1. Christian Castell Christian Castell

    Getting laid in New York is like falling off a log….enjoy the grooves Brothers & take care…xx

  2. Doc Doc

    Ahoy bro. ENJOL. Very proud of you.

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