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New York Shows

redye eoubYou know how you can never really know what events may transpire when you trust your gut and just move ahead with no idea of what to expect?
I find that’s when the best experiences happen.

In the case of my first musical appearance in New York the unexpected hit me, and it was great.

It started off as most gigs do before you get to the venue. Its pissing down with rain, there’s only one train that goes in that direction and its still a 20 minute walk with gear in the rain and I had no clue where to go, lost in upper Brooklyn and walking into what appears to be an industrial area. Luckily I had good friends who would join me in the journey into the unknown.

We get to the address at this tall industrial building and it just a door, with no signs, just a number, and I must say all sorts of ideas on what could be on the other side run through my mind.

We ring the door bell and are welcomed in by an Australian stranger and a white beast dog that at first seemed to want to eat our souls, but once he put away his snarling teeth turned out to be as sweet as the family pack of 4 beautiful husky mixed Belgium Shepard each one white as snow.

We walk into the building and I already know from the first look that this place is special, its got heart and soul poured into every corner, every level, every wall.

I had an idea that this was an art gallery, being the obvious name. But this gallery was different. It’s an artistic commune; with residents who are all successful artists in their own right who manage and make this place their home and workspace.

They turn their beautiful dream of a home into a space where art can live, every Friday night they host events at their space where the public can attend to view the art and experience the music. Wall to wall the space has amazing art from its collaborators living in and out of the building.

It’s a non profit system whereby the gallery doesn’t take a commission on the art that it sells, and they serve drinks for the patrons at the best rate New York has to offer.

What I liked most about the space is not just its art and the way it was put together with all the love the in world. What I enjoyed most was the caliber of people, the genuine friendly and kind hearted individuals who were there; Art lovers, artists without ego, musicians who support each other an owner who has put 10 years of his life and love into creating the space the way he envisioned it.

My performance was well received and I have been invited back to join the commune for a recorded jam session.

Lets see what happens
I have been humbled by their kindness and inspiration.

Green-point gallery was my first performance in the United states, and I’m thankful to have popped my US touring cherry at this beautiful unexpected venue.

The next night, I moved to my next show on the other side of Brooklyn, a cozy place called Freddy’s bar. It’s a humble pub which hosts comedy and music in their backroom.

I played to the room of punters who got caught by the sudden change of energy I kicked out with the new additions to my arsenal, Boss RC30 looper, cry baby, Boss bass octave pedal and my trust Clementine cort Acoustic.

I enjoyed the space and the people were just fantastic. After my performance one 50 something southern brother said “You got Mississippi Mud pouring out of you”

Those words sat well with me…. Mississippi Mud

Nick arrived on Monday and after 2 days of busking in the parks we’re off to Arizona to perform at the Alpine music festival

After that, San diego


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  1. alison alison

    Wishing u and Nick success, fun and everything good on your trip!!
    love u lots, Alleykat x

  2. Mary Jo Shauinger Mary Jo Shauinger

    You were awesome at Alpine Music Festival! Love you guys.

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