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Riaan Smit

At the age of 15 he moved to Cape Town South Africa after he lost his mother and was rendered homeless in his home country. When he got to South Africa he dropped out of high school and pursued his musical dream by studying music production as well as business in order to manage his own career.

He formed the highly successful show band Crimson House in 2010 which has become one of South Africa’s most revered blues acts. Later he took over the Bluestown Sessions in Cape Town which hosts artists from all over Africa and the world and is a mainstay in Cape Town’s live entertainment.

Riaan has recorded & produced 4 albums to date and has featured on multiple artists songs. His unique style of singing was inspired by the Oshivambo (Namibian Tribe) throat singing which has earned him the title of “Don of the Cape Blues Scene” and has been compared to the likes of Joe Cocker, Tom Waits and Howlin Wolf.

Riaan has performed across Europe (Holland, Germany, London & Spain) as well across his own continent of Africa. For the first time in 2014 he will embarking on a 3 month tour of the United States performing in New York, L.A, Arizona and more.

Riaan is currently in the process of preparing his release of his very first solo debut and simultaneously pre-paring Crimson House’s 3rd album Of Madness.

Raw- Death Letter by Son House

Just Dreaming Live Performance

Written and performed by

Redeye Riaan, with Lucy Kruger and Jess Van de Merwe with Cami Scoundrel as collaborators.

Photography by

Fritz Brand & Ian Goodes



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