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Drunk, Punk & Blue – 10 years of taking life seriously

Over the years audiences across South Africa have found themselves in a drunk punk skank mosh pit led by the punk force that is Half Price. After a two year period of semi-hibernation while the DFG was in Germany, the band is proud to say that with his return they are ready to conquer back the scene and have already started to work on a new album due to be release in 2015. Incidentally, this month is also the 10th anniversary of their release of Taking Life Seriously, which is still considered a major milestones in South African punk rock history. For this occasion Half Price have even managed to dig out a few rare merch items from that period which will be on sale at the show.


Appropriately, Crimson House will be taking life very seriously with them on their debut show. The history of the two band gigging together goes back to the beginnings of Crimson House. The band shares a common ground of the punk attitude through a completely different genre and their shows are always filled with raw energy and fun.

No strangers to the punk scene Crossfire Collision will be back on stage rocking Mercury and delivering their special brand of punk rock energy and are sure to get any audience losing their minds.

Audiences are in a for a night of blue punk fun celebrations. 10 years of taking life seriously, the DFG is home, and the live energy of two of Cape Town’s best in their respective genres.

Catch Half Price and Crimson House live at Mercury on the 27th of September


Photo by Adam Donnelly

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