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Day 2 New York City

nycI am lucky enough to have fallen with my ass in the butter, as I have great friends here. Friends who will always be there for me as I will for them. We all need those in our lives.

Welcomed with a trip through the subway and straight to a pizza that could kill Honey Boo Boo and super size Jack Daniels bottle with its own gravitational pull.

The best introduction I could have had to New York I must say.

As is tradition in Namibian culture I brought my kinsmen Biltong of the Finest Nam meat from our arid country and they wept tears of joy… From what I hear they are a Biltong deprived nation.

After a grueling 33 hour flight with some interesting moments in between (mainly with security) I got the biltong and the beer through to the USA, and the beer is ready to travel to San Diego to the lips of its rightful owner, Alan Sanderson.

This week I see the city, and perform Friday and Saturday in NYC for the very first time.

check out dates here:

If you know anyone in New York, send em over 🙂

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  1. Francois Cline Francois Cline

    Enjoy buddy, send my regards to Ben and Serg!

  2. Christian Castell Christian Castell

    Sending love, Riaan…..

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