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Cayman Island: An invitation to Paradise

Our original plan was to head from San Francisco to Portland Oregon.
But that changed when in all honesty we didn’t have a contact for shows there nor the cash to survive another week living in a car.

We got an invitation from my childhood friend who lives on the Cayman islands, and weighing our options we decided to go that route. What I can tell you is it was the best decision we could have made.

Now my friend (Lloyd) being a great muso himself knew exactly where to go and what jams to partake in, before we knew it we had 7 gigs lined up and it lead to us getting our own full night at the islands main beach club Calico jacks.

Now Cayman is a small island, perhaps 40,000 people. So word spread quickly about us and next thing we knew the gigs were packed and we felt like rockstars. Though being a small island we know the reality of the situation but it sure was a nice feeling to be talk of the town.

Besides playing till our fingers bleed and jumping in the sea between sets we spent the days snorkelling the reefs and swimming with sting rays. Living in paradise for 9 days sure was amazing, but it would have been nothing without a great friends invitation and the loving care of his kind woman.

sting ray
Every person we met on the island is a special kind of person, the kind of person who isnt afraid to pursue their goals, even it means leaving everything you know behind for never never land. We fell in love with everyone there and the beautiful island itself. It wont be the last for sure.

Thank you Cayman, see you soon 😉


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  1. Edna Levack Edna Levack

    I am living your wonderful experiences with you two. Thank You for sharing.
    However! know Cape Town is your home. and you are missed by all of us.

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