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Alpine Music festival Arizona

Few experiences so far in my life can add up to the joy and welcomed new friends made this past weekend.

As we go along the tour we find ourselves placed with exactly the right people, right place, right time.

In the case of the Alpine blues festival journey, everything came into place.

As Alpine is 400 miles from any, major city, Phoenix was the closest we could think of

So Nick and myself left New York, to land in Phoenix, Arizona. A place so hot that dashboards melt, people have vitamin D deficiency because they don’t dare go outside, If they do its to the car, the shop or office and back in the car. It’s so hot during the day that the city looks likes a ghost town during the day with people going everywhere by car.

We caught the grey hound bus to the next destination: Tucson, I never dreamt in my life I would end up in Tucson, but it’s a great place with a vibrant culture and nightlife. Reason we ended up in Tucson is because as luck would have it one of my best friends sister lives there, and she just left her previous job and was in need of a get away. So she took care of us for a night and joined us to Alpine Arizona

We drove through to the small town of Alpine Arizona (seeing a mountain lion on the road was a highlight)

When we arrived in this tiny town we were treated to well. We were expecting to live like we do at any festival in South Africa; in the tent, waking up with half busted back covered in mud and having to walk for ages to our stage.

Not at all, we were taken to our 2 story guest house right across the street from our stage entrance and the second floor was ours. Taken care of by a great American couple Birk an Ann of the Alpine inn. After a checking out the headlining bands on the Friday, a good nights rest in a real bed and a breakfast that would make the pope cry we headed out to the festival and mentally prepared for our set.

When 4pm came we were slightly nervous being a 2 piece after a 6 piece Southern Rock act. But our fears quickly disappeared after our warm introduction from the mc and mass of applause from the audience as we finished our first song “Trickiest Tricks’… In fact soon, as the song finished we sold out of CD’s.

The rest of the set we had the festival attendees hanging on every, word, solo and looped groove. The kindest people are truly in small town America.

Even the cops took a liking to us!

ALpine 3

We have been invited next year and gona damn sure try and make it!

The silliest thing is I brought the go pro on stage, set it in place… and forgot to record (facepalm)

Thanks for reading, next up. San Diego stories

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